.NET Pascal compiler


The TMT .NET Project

In Development: TMT Development Co. announces the details of the .NET Compiler Project.

The Platform:
Microsoft has developed a virtual machine and runtime environment intended for hosting more than just a single language. The VM environment supports services and tools that are together called Microsoft .NET.

The .NET platform provides a virtual environment for running programs. There is a hardware-independent intermediate language, a built in garbage collector, a byte-code verifier, classes, methods, interfaces and so on. This environment is called the Common Language Runtime (CLR).


  • Microsoft .Net Com object
  • Interoperability with other CLR compliant languages
  • All produced programs pass the .Net runtime verifier
  • Execution speed comparable with fastest object oriented languages

By supporting the new Microsoft .NET that TMT will support programmers who need to be able to use the a programming language best suited to their application. With a large base of business applications having been written in PASCAL TMT will provide continuity for exixsting code base as well and ways to make it do new things.


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