User-Contributed Files

This page lists some contributed files for use with FrameworkPascal. These files were developed by independent programmers in different countries. We greatly appreciate the efforts of the contributors and hope that this page will grow fast. The files on this page are provided as is.;

a-a-demo.zip (40KB) Anti-Aliasing line drawing Demo by Jonas Widarsson. It contains procedures and functions to allow the programmer to draw anti-aliased lines on a Device Indepentent Bitmap (DIB) for Win32 GUI target.
bar.zip (23KB) Some simple rasterbars by Leif Ronny Isaksen, Norway.
bglass.zip (50KB) Bump glass by Konrad Olejnik from Lodz, Poland.
debugme.zip (23KB) Easy but useful debugging message system by Brian Dockerty, Dockerty Electronics.
demo.zip (42KB) A little graphic DEMO for MS-DOS by Mute Fantasies.
fibu.zip (18KB) Fire bubbles by Johnny Piacentini, Italy.
fli.zip (49KB) FLI player by Cesar Vellido, Spain.
forms.zip (58KB) GIF/PCX manipulation libraries by Sergei Ruzaev, Russia.
gfx_015.zip (153KB) GFX system for true color graphics by Peter Korsgaard, Denmark.
graphic.zip (7KB) A Small Graphics Library for VGA by David Hackamack, USA.
grdtorus.zip (19KB) A revolving torus with nice shading by Giedrius Stalioraitis, Lithuania.
icqmapi.zip (38KB) ICQ API interface unit for Win32 by Ronin from MuteFantasies.
julia.zip (1KB) Julia Mendelbrot Demo by Tommy Fjelldal, Norway.
keep.zip (55KB) Another one by Konrad Olejnik from Lodz, Poland.
mandel.zip (23KB) Mandelbrot Set by Eduardo Motta (a.k.a. Mingo), Brazil.
mjoy.zip (1KB) Joy stick unit by Magnus Andersson, Sweden.
mtc040.zip (198KB) Object Oriented TrueColor unit (MS-DOS 32-bit protected mode) by Tor Arne Gustad, Norway.
paswater.zip (90KB) Flowing water by Konrad Olejnik from Lodz, Poland.
plasma.zip (13KB) Plasma effect by Konrad Olejnik from Lodz, Poland.
plazzma.zip (56KB) Yet anouther plasma by AlexMc, Russia.
polyx.zip (30KB) A basic rendering system for use in 2D or 3D applications, Copyright Ryan2000.
rbasetmt.zip (15KB) A small, light-weight pascal database unit by Ryan Widi Saputra.
qsort.zip (14KB) 32-bit assembly Qsort by Johnny Piacentini, Italy.
shcre142.zip (141KB) Svga High Color Rendering Engine by Dmitry Uvarov, Russia.
strman10.zip (31KB) Most powerful string manipulation library for by Aleksey Vaneev, Russia.
tmtcd.zip (11KB) Enhanced CD-ROM Audio control unit v.1.40 for by Andrew Luzhin, Russia.
tmtdl217.zip (100KB) DLL manager v 2.17 (MS-DOS 32-bit protected mode) by the  Virtual Research Group, Russia.
tmtl310.zip (65KB) TMTL is a freeware stub, which can be used as a standalone loader (a la 4GW) by the Virtual Research Group, Russia.
tmtpack.zip (26KB) Packer for FrameworkPascal programs by Rustam Gadeyev, Russia.
tss02b.zip (142KB) MOD player for Sound Blaster by Cesar Vellido, Spain.
vecballs.zip (40KB) Graphics Unit demo by Konrad Olejnik from Lodz, Poland.
vflat1.zip (40KB) Software LFB emulator v1.021 by Dmitry Uvarov, Russia.

We would certainly like to see more examples...
If you have something you can share, please email it to:

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Moshe Frankel

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Copyright (c) 1995, 2022
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