Framework Pascal 6.1 Multi-target

Call Framework for availability, licensing and pricing information.
Owners of TMT Pascal 4 & 5 can obtain a personal upgrades, contact us for details. Include your full contact information, address, phone number and company information.
Please contact us by phone if you do not receive a reply to e-mail on the same day.
We provides cde conversion services into Windows GUI platforms from other operating systems. ADA, DOS Real and Protected mode as well as Fortran and non x86 platforms into Windows 32 and 64 is available.
Nearly trasnparent automated conversion from Turbo Pascal mnd Object Pascal is provided FraemworkPascal 6.1.

See the Service and Product pages for additional details including secure automated distribution and billing of hardware protected software and instant access low energy mass storage server technology.

FrameworkPascal commercial license include unlimited software support.
Software products are shipped via the Internet and automatically installed on Windows computers. Software sales are final, no refund or return on software sales.

  • Information and ordering by phone: 1 617 782 0782

  • P. O. Box 35121
    Brighton, MA 02135

Foreign orders: Check must be drawn on US banks in US dollars. Wire transfers and credit card paymetns are in US dollars.

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Moshe Frankel

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Copyright (c) 1995, 2022
Moshe Frankel
All rights reserved.