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We have made a graphics library for TMT Pascal which is as compatible with the Borland Graphics Library as possible. Since BGI is by now an obsolete interface, we added a number of enhancements. They are described below.

This graphics library for TMT Pascal allows easy porting of programs written for Borland Pascal (with minimal changes to the source).


  • OS independent interface. You need not make changes in the sources to compile them as MS-DOS or Win32 applications.
  • Native 32-bit accelerated graphics.
  • High compatibility with Borland's GRAPH.
  • VESA VBE 1.2/2.0 features (including LFB support) in MS-DOS applications.
  • Microsoft DirectDraw features in Win32 applications.
  • Logical pages and hardware scrolling (MS-DOS applications only).
  • No 64K limit on sprite size.
  • Does not use BGI drivers.
  • Uses a flat memory model for greater performance.
  • Advanced sprite engine with transparent blt.
  • Supports the following graphic modes.
    - VGA/MCGA (13h BIOS)
    - all SVGA 256 color (Palette Color) modes
    - all SVGA 32k/64k color (HiColor) modes
    - all SVGA 16M/16M+A color (True Color) modes

System Requirements:

  • VGA compatible video card required (VESA VBE 1.2 recommended, VESA VBE 2.0 or higher is best) for MS-DOS and Microsoft DirectX 3.0 or later for Windows' 95/98/2000 applications.
  • CPU Intel 80386 or higher.
  • PMODE/W, WDOSX, CAUSEWAY or DOS/4GW compatible extender for MS-DOS 32-bit protected mode applications.

Notices on Win32 target:
The Graph unit can be used to emulate MS-DOS SVGA graphics in a Windows 32-bit GUI and console applications using the Microsoft DirectDraw 3.0 or later. Moreover the Graph unit for Win32 works in conjunction with the CRT, Keyboard and Mouse units in a same way, as in MS-DOS applications. So you may recompile most of your old MS-DOS programs as Win32 GUI applications without any changes in your sources.

Compatibility with the Graph unit from Borland:
The TMT Graph unit partly replicates the Graph unit from Borland Pascal. However there are some differences. Note that the TMT Graph provides many procedures and functions, which are not supported by Borland's Graph unit.

Video card compatibility:
The GRAPH unit has been tested on the following graphic adapters:

  • Trident 9440 with 1 Mb (with/without UniVBE 5.3)
  • S3 Virge with 4 Mb (with/without UniVBE 5.3)
  • STB Velocity with 4 Mb (without UniVBE)
  • Cirrus Logic GD-54xx VGA (with UniVBE 5.3)
  • ASUS V3000 (NVidia Riva 128) with 4 Mb (without UniVBE)
  • Matrox Millenium with 2 Mb (without UniVBE)
  • ATI Mach 64 with 4 Mb (without UniVBE)
  • NVidia Riva Vanta with 8 Mb (without UniVBE)
  • MicroStar 8817 (nVIDIA GeForce2 MX) with 32 Mb (without UniVBE)

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TMT Development Corporation.

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