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4. Standard Units

4. Standard Units

TMT Pascal comes with a set of standard units. It is also possible to create your own units. For example, in writing a large program it might become desirable to group display routines or user input routines. This allows for greater organization while programming. For more information on creating your own units see the Programs and Units chapter.

The following is a list of the standard units that are supplied with TMT Pascal.

AccCtrlCommon new style Win32 Access Control unit(Win32 only)
AclAPIAcl and trusted server access control APIs interface unit(Win32 only)
ActiveXBase ActiveX and OLE 2 interface unit(Win32 only)
CommCtrlCommon Controls interface unit(Win32 only)
CommDlgCommon Dialog APIs interface unit(Win32 only)
CompMathComplex number manipulation unit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
CplControl panel extension DLL definitions unit(Win32 only)
CRTKeyboard and monitor control routines(MSDOS, OS/2 console, Win32 console)
D3DDirect3D version 7 interface unit(Win32 only)
D3D8Direct3D version 8 interface unit(Win32 only)
D3DAppApplication object for the Direct3D samples framework library(Win32 only)
D3DFileSupport code for loading DirectX (*.X) files(Win32 only)
D3DFontDirectX Texture-based font object(Win32 only)
D3DResResource definitions required by the CD3Dapplication object(Win32 only)
D3DRMDirect3D Retained mode interface unit(Win32 only)
D3DUtilHelper functions and typing shortcuts for Direct3D programming(Win32 only)
D3DX8headers of helper library for 3D programming(Win32 only)
DdemlDDEML API interface unit(Win32 only)
DDrawDirectDraw interface unit(Win32 only)
DebugPrint the Run-time Error Codes(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
DInputDirectInput interface unit(Win32 only)
DlgsUI dialog header information unit(Win32 only)
DMusicDirectMusic interface unit(Win32 only)
DosMSDOS support unit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
DosCallDOSCALL Private Unit(OS2 only)
DPlayDirectPlay version 7 interface unit(Win32 only)
DPlay8DirectPlay version 8 interface unit(Win32 only)
DPMIDOS Protected Mode Interface support unit(MSDOS only)
DSetupDirectXSetup interface unit(Win32 only)
DShowDirectShow interface unit(Win32 only)
DSoundDirectSound interface unit(Win32 only)
DX7toDX8DX7 to DX8 Direct3D aliases to aid porting DX7 apps to DX8(Win32 only)
DXFileInterfaces to access Rendermorthics eXtensible file format(Win32 only)
DXUtilHelper functions and typing shortcuts for DirectX programming(Win32 only)
ErrCodesErrorCode constants(MSDOS only)
FDebugWrite the Error Code to the Log file(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
GraphGraph unit(MSDOS, Win32 console)
HtmlHlpHtml Help API unit(Win32 only)
ImageHlpImage help routines(Win32 only)
ImmInput Method Manager definitions unit(Win32 only)
KeyboardKeyboard Handling unit(MSDOS, Win32 console)
LMLan Manager interface unitWin32 target)
LZExpandData Decompression library functions(Win32 only)
MAPIMessaging Applications Programming Interface unit(Win32 only)
MathExtended Mathematics unit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
MessagesMessages interface unit(Win32 only)
MMediaMultimedia Devices support unit(Win32 only)
MMSystemMultimedia interface unit(Win32 only)
MouseMouse Handling unit(MSDOS, Win32 console)
Nb30NetBIOS 3.0 interface unit(Win32 only)
ObjGfx40ObjectGraphics 4.0 Unit(MSDOS, Win32 console)
odbcSQLODBC SQL Unit(MSDOS, Win32 console)
ogFontObjGfx40 BitFont support(MSDOS, Win32 console)
OpenGLOpenGL API interface unit(Win32 target)
OS2PMAPIOS/2 API Interface Unit(OS2 only)
OS2OrdOrdinal values for OS/2 API Interface(OS2 only)
OS2TypesTypes for OS/2 API Interface(OS2 only)
PenWinPen Windows Interface Unit(Win32 only)
PrinterPrinter Support unit(MSDOS, Win32)
RegstrRegistry interface unit(Win32 only)
RichEditRichEdit 2.0 control interface unit(Win32 only)
ShellAPlShell API interface unit(Win32 only)
ShlObjShell Objects Interface unit(Win32 only)
StringsLarge String manipulation unit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
SystemSystem routines(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
TlHelp32Tool help unit(Win32 only)
URLMonURL Moniker support unit(Win32 only)
Use16Redefinition of Integer Types for 16-bit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
Use32Redefinition of Integer Types for 32-bit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
WinCRTText Screen interface unit for Win32(Win32 only)
WinDNSWindows 32bit DNS API interface unit(Win32 only)
WinDosMSDOS function emulation for OS/2 and Win32(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
WindowsBase Windows 32-bit API interface unit(Win32 only)
WinInetMicrosoft Windows Internet Extensions API interface unit(Win32 only)
WinSockWINSOCK.DLL API interface unit(Win32 only)
WinSpoolPrint API interface unit(Win32 only)
WinSvcService Control Manager unit(Win32 only)
ZenTimerFull-featured ZTimer Library unit(MSDOS, OS/2, Win32)
ZMouseIntelliMouse support interface unit(Win32 only)

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3.3. Predefined Symbols Table of Contents 4.1. AccCtrl Unit

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