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5. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
5.7. Editor

5.7. Editor

(Options | Environment | Editor)

Use the Editor page of the Environment Options dialog box to customize the behavior of the Code Editor.

Keystroke mapping
Use the Keystroke mapping to configure the editor.

Overwrite blocks
Replaces a marked block of text with whatever is typed next. If Persistent Blocks is also selected, the text you enter is appended following the currently selected block.

Limit EOL
Limits the position of the cursor beyond the end-of-line character.

Force Cut and Copy enabled
Enables Edit|Cut and Edit|Copy, even when there is no text selected.

Undo after save
Allows you to retrieve changes after a save.

Find text at cursor
Places the text at the cursor into the Text To Find list box in the Find Text dialog box when you choose Search | Find. When this option is disabled you must type in the search text, unless the Text To Find list box is blank, in which case the editor still inserts the text at the cursor.

Highlight URLs
If URLs highlighting is enabled and if the text that is displayed in the Code Editor contains URLs then they will automatically be highlighted. Please notice that if the URL is highlighted then users can click on it and browse the corresponding Web location with the installed browser.

Double click line
Highlights the line when you double-click any character in the line. If disabled, only the selected word is highlighted.

Auto Indent mode
Positions the cursor under the first nonblank character of the preceding nonblank line when you press Enter.

Backspace unindents
Aligns the insertion point to the previous indentation level (outdents it) when you press Backspace, if the cursor is on the first nonblank character of a line.

Smart tab
Tabs to the first non-whitespace character in the preceding line. If Use Tab Character is enabled, this option is off.

Disable dragging
Disables text dragging feature.

Persistent blocks
Keeps marked blocks selected even when the cursor is moved, until a new block is selected.

Use syntax highlighting
Enables syntax highlighting. To set highlighting options, use the Colors page.

Allow overwrite caret shape
Allows overwrite caret shape, when insert mode is disabled.

Enable group undo
Undoes your last editing command as well as any subsequent editing commands of the same type, if you press Alt+Backspace or choose Edit|Undo.

Select text only
Limits a selection by the cursor to the end-of-line character.

Cursor beyond EOF
Positions the cursor beyond the end-of-file character.

Use system clipboard history
Allows the Code Editor to use the system clipboard.

Max horizontal pos
Specifies the maximum horizontal position in the Code Editor.

Spaces in tabs
Specifies the spaces number in the tabs.

Block indent
Specifies the number of spaces to indent a marked block. The default is 2.

Tab Stops
Sets the character columns that the cursor will move to each time you press Tab.

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5.6. Display Table of Contents 5.8. Editor Shortcuts

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